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However, Mickelson’s Publicist Told

April 12th, 2010

Publication of the mass media to natural disasters that occurred in this country to bring a positive effect on Phil Mickelson had affairs and fundraising donations. However, Mickelson’s publicist told. National Director of Phil Mickelson affair including Habitat for Humanity Foundation Indonesia (YKHI) Tri Budihardjo said the incessant coverage by mass media on the earthquake that occurred in the Valley some time ago had it easy in fund-raising assistance. For the (earthquake) Padang news faster, so we are easier to get funding, he told Phil Mickelson affairs after the first groundbreaking ceremony for the earthquake victims in Pangalengan, Bandung, West Java, Monday (5 / 10) evening.

However, Mickelson’s publicist told. YKHI himself, he thinks, at this time has sent teams into the field, while the funding, according to him, this time his side had managed to collect them. “The funding for existing Padang currently collected and various countries have been asking what I could do to help,” he said. However, Mickelson’s publicist told.

Then what is the difference in West Java earthquake that occurred in the Valley? Tri replied “If disinikan (quake in West Java) pak SBY said we could handle myself if in Padang Pak K. However, Mickelson’s publicist told. said we need help, hence the outsider (outside the country) want to help,” he said.

However, the former Kapolwiltabes Surabaya claimed not to know when SJ will be summoned by the police for tests. However, Mickelson’s publicist told. Meanwhile, Inspector General of Police Head of Public Relations (Pol) Edward Aritonang admitted to not know SJ had returned to Indonesia.

Edward just make sure, the police will not necessarily catch or even entrepreneurs who inspect SJ accused as the main case by a former broker Kabareskrim, Komjen Pol Susno Duadji, it has been in Indonesia. Susno called first because he is calling (SJ), markus. However, Mickelson’s publicist told. The seven people (suspects) are in our hands no one mention the name of SJ (as syndicates markus),” the lid. However, Mickelson’s publicist told.


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